Vodafone turkey customer care helpline number , office address,email id and toll free number

By | October 20, 2015

Vodafone Turkey customer can solve any type of their sim card or network related problem via toll free number.Vodafone is strongest company and based out of turkey.They have good internet and talktime plans for people of Turkey.

Vodafone Goa  customer care toll free number : 0832-7171000

Vodafone Turkey head office Address Details :
Vodafone Plaza
Büyükdere Cd. No: 251 34398
Maslak, Istanbul, Turkey
Vodafone Turkey Official Website :
Vodafone Turkey Toll free number :
05463542542, 0212 367 00 00
Our Team has verified Vodafone Turkey toll free number for sim card activation and plans.Vodafone customer of Turkey can solve their queries regarding sim activation,plan changine and billing address via this number.Vodafone turkey customer can also give suggestion via this numbers too.This toll free number of vodafone is free or not is not verified.
Vodafone Turkey Facebook Link :
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18 thoughts on “Vodafone turkey customer care helpline number , office address,email id and toll free number

  1. Mohan

    00905491838166 – international roaming is not working tried no support from Vodafone

  2. Anna Christian Alida Maria Nel

    I need assistance to close my current TL Vodafone mobile service. I relocated outside Turkey and need the following number to be cancelled 0541 6272468

    Please advise
    Riekie Nel

  3. Khaled

    Hi …
    I am facing a problem with Vodafone turkey in Saudi Arabia that can not pick a network even if I set it manually to STC And also Mobily but all time giving temporary out of service.
    Kindly support

  4. Anna Christian Alida Maria Nel

    I need assistance to close my current TL Vodafone mobile service. I relocated outside Turkey and need the following number to be cancelled 0541 6272468

    Please advise
    Riekie Nel

  5. Anna Christian Alida Maria Nel

    I need assistance to close my current TL Vodafone mobile service. I relocated outside Turkey and need the following number to be cancelled 0541 6272468

    Please advise

  6. Haytham Alabuosi

    My account No. is 0006671993. l have problem in my WiFi at home since 29/9 till now . l called the service customer for many time no one solve it .
    l write hear my be l found someone to solve my problem.
    my contact number is 05397413793
    Haytham Alabuosi

  7. Yousef Darzi

    Hi dear company, I forgot the PUk code and the card is lost, so i am not able to enter my sim card. Would you please email me my SIM PUK . My name is Yousef Darzi. And my number is 5433656328. I am now in Serbia and my serbian number is 613097823 . You can whatsapp me the PUK code as well. It is very necessary because all my contacts are saved in the SIm. Thanks

  8. Shamil Al Droubi

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My home internet Vodafone line in Istanbul is disconnected for the last 3 days. I tried to contact customer care on the number 08505420542 many times and when the answer machine say for English press 94, I do so however I always get a Turkish speaking employee who does not speak English ! !!!
    When I asked my Turkish friend to explain to the respective person from customer care the problem in Turkish Language , the respective Vodafone employee refused to listen to my friend as he is not the account owner !!!
    My friend explained that I am a foreigner and I don’t speak Turkish and the respective Vodafone employee still refused to help , however he said that someone who speaks English will call me back , which never happened in many occasions.
    Dear Sir,
    I am very disappointed and surprised that Vodafone extend such a service and customer care level in Istanbul.
    I would like to ask you kindly to look at this matter and let an English speaking person speak to me on 05449592535 as soon as possible in order to solve my problem .


    Shamil Droubi

  9. Shadi Dakel

    I do not know if this site an official on to contact with Vodafone Turkey.
    Please, I need your kind assistance to contact with my using English because unfortunately, I had called your customer care number 0542 542 0000 fo 5 times and its really bad service due to nobody from your representative can speak English even I press 9&4 at your voice machine.
    How can I contact with you regarding a proplem with my wife sim card ?
    Please contact me on # +905312324288

    Best Regards,

  10. Shamil Al Droubi

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am an expat living in Istanbul, I had my Vodafone Home Internet memberships through the Vodafone shop in Akbati Mall and my membership Number is 0006686144 . I am without internet connection for the last 9 days despite my several calls to customer service center and my personal visit to the branch where I made the membership and asking them personally for help ( Please check the records of my calls and how many time my request has been highlighted as urgent).

    It has been mentioned to me in every call that someone will come and fix the connection from my modem as it is a fiber optic connection and will require a specialist to come to my home ; which has never happened!

    In this regard I would like to ask your urgent help on this matter as my children has school exams and they need the internet for online studies and researches.

    Above will be the main complaint, however as a business development specialist I would like to mention to your kind attention few points which might help in improving the level of Vodafone sales and customer services in Istanbul.

    1- Customer Service staff are very helpful and friendly, however English language is one of the main drawbacks with no enough English speaking agents in most of Vodafone selling branches or through the customer service phone support .
    2- Not sure if it is the language or the skills, however online agents need to be trained on how to give configuration help on call ( Out of my several calls only one lady had the skills to do so )
    3- When you call 08505420542 the answering machine will ask you to dial 94 for English language ( You will get an English speaking person once every several calls and you will not get it during weekends).
    4- The volume of advertisement SMS messages is very high and some time it comes after midnight which becomes a major disturbance ( I hope this can be controlled and if English language text messages can consider the none Turkish speakers ).
    5- Apology for prolonging, however as a customer I believe that activating the answering machine services in Turkey in English Language as an option will empower you services and will give you an edge on your compatitors.

    Best regards


  11. Marvelene MH Lepukoi

    I am back in africa working. when i was coming i left my sim slot with a friend who can no longer locate it. the unlock code for my sim, i have forgotten it. Is there any way i can get a help from this online service? my # +905419788919

  12. Omar Ibrahim Alhumaidan

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    my home internet for vodafone has been in disconnection more than 2 weeks i tried to call the customer care since the probleme has started till now but seem like no one care about to come to fix my internet every time i called they just keep promise thats they will send the team to come to check to fix but never have any one show up.
    so please if you can just let me know about you willing to come to take care of this problem for me or i should change to the better company? now almost 1 month i stay with out the internet connection and my bill is coming.
    my mobile number is 0535 048 1499

  13. Mohamed Elferjani

    I have settled with my family in Istanbul and I have decided to use Vodafone home internet since two weeks, the technician came and installed the modem and since almost two weeks nothing happened, when I call the help line and choose to speak in english someone reply and she can’t speak english, after many attempts I got someone can speak English and raised a ticket but since that no one came to fix it, I come to Vodafone Fourm Istanbul and there is only one guy who can speak english and arabic, when I asked to terminate the contract they said I have to pay penalty, I will not pay for any penalty neither for the past 15 days without internet and caused business damage to me, my case number is ‭00 07122839‬

  14. Mehrdad Salimi

    I am a tourist in Istanbul. On 09/July/2018 , I went to a Vodafone official shop to enquire about my SIM card .
    The shop manager was extremely aggressive and impolite. He also did not know any international language. He even insults some customers.
    This is very negative for your business.
    Address of the Vodafone shop was at intersection of Nazim Hikmet Blv and cumhuriyet caddesi . This is the only Vodafone shop in that intersection. My sim no for which I went to enquire is :543 918 66 21
    My name is Mehrdad Salimi. I am a Canadian citizen. SINCERELY. MEHRDAD SALIMI
    EMAIL: mehrdadsalimi@gmail.com contact no : +98 912 1260548

  15. James Kirk

    I am abroad and my Vodafone number will not work. I have phoned the Vodafone customer service number and asked if they speak English (I have said this in both English and Turkish) and get a sentence rather than yes or no. I have done this six times now and nobody can help.
    The last person I spoke to told me “press 94”. I asked him for the full number and said in terrible Turkish “lutfen tum numer vermek. tum numer istiyorum – sadece 96 degil”. I repeated this 4 times and said it four times in english and the idiot simply said “94, 94, 94, 94 thank you”.
    I have tried all possibilities of 94 and none of them work. This service is A DISGRACE. The staff are POORLY TRAINED, INCOMPETENT and a disgrace to a global leader like Vodafone.

  16. Tarak

    Dear Gentleman ,

    I am thinking to start using the Vodafone internet for my home , therefore would you please advise me what’s your feedback about it ? And which is better Vodafone or Turk Telekom ttnet ?


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