Karnataka Railway Police Helpline Number

By | December 9, 2015

Karnataka Railway Police Helpline Number

image credit : http://goo.gl/Smosf1

image credit : (http://goo.gl/Smosf1)

Karnataka railway police is very active and giving their best to railway traveller in karnataka state.Rail way police in india is always helpful to travellers.for any kind of harrashments,compalin you can reach them easily.

Karnataka Railway Police Helpline Number

Whatsapp Helpline Number: 09480802140

Toll Free Helpline Number: 18004251363

These numbers are very useful for passengers to inform police regarding any security issues related to trains, railway stations, railway tracks etc.

Karnataka Railway police is very active,you may check with chrime figures,

Crimes on board South Western Railway*


2011 – 31

2012 – 47

2013 – 35

Dacoities in southern railway india

2011 – 05

2012 – 03

2013 – 01

Thefts in southern western railway

2011 – 500

2012 – 480

2013 – 350

(* Till July)

(Source: Southern Railways)


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