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By | May 21, 2018

Facebook one of the largest social media company in the world. Popular terms like status update, news feed, post have become so common which shows the influence of Facebook on everyone. Mark Zuckerberg found it in 2004 and now it is known as the largest social media site in the entire world. Through it people can share ideas, place calls, texts and videos from anywhere in the world.

However, to resolve any issue Facebook  doesn’t actually offer a great deal of options . Getting in contact with a customer care representative can be a good solution. For any of your query or problem you can resolve issues via Facebook dedicated ‘Help Centre’.

In addition listed FAQ’S offers advice for using the site, managing your privacy and safety settings and how to report when something is wrong. If you are unable to find what you’re looking for few topics on offer, you can visit its community section and ask for help . Also, you can inbox your message and the Help Team can contact you.

Facebook’s customer care line is open to everyone as a toll-free line at Facebook phone number. Alternatively, you can visit the Help Centre from your own profile as there are number of pages that can provide you assistance.

Reporting a Problem – On the top of any Facebook page, there is a blue circle with a white question mark inside. If you click on it, you can ‘Report a Problem’ and then you can follow the instructions given.If you want to speak to customer service to get your issues resolved then you may not find it as it is rare with Facebook Australia. Instead, you can interact with the community or use their help centre to find solutions.


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