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By | May 9, 2018

Amazon Australia is one of the largest e- commerce company with its headquarter located in Seattle, Washington. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and offers variety of products and services for the customers.

Amazon Support and Assistance

To cater products or services, Amazon customer service is offered through different channels such as email and phone. Before making the phone call or send an email, the user need to enter the concern related to Amazon products or devices or any issue regarding Amazon.

While addressing the primary concern, the specific reason is asked. These queries are done to ensure that your ticket is sent to the right person who can answer about it. This is how Amazon australia contact department works.

Amazon Australia Customer Service phone number

You have two options to contact Amazon customer service australia. You can either use the phone number or the email address to contact with customer support. Also, you can get assistance form the Amazon Australia website. They can help you with managing the account to managing orders.

The Amazon customer support service is available round the clock by customer support representatives.Usually people need to sign in before usage like other online companies, but Amazon provides people the best customer experience. For this Amazon contact australia option is available and the phone numbers for the different offices in various countries are displayed which enables to deliver customer service.

Call Amazon Australia Regarding Bill & Payment issues

Amazon contact us option can help with queries related to payment issues.Many times people have problems with items received or with billing and they need an efficient Amazon support team for these issues.

For General queries, there is an Amazon helpline which can help with simple queries like policy refund, delivery time and more.

Amazon Pre-Ordering Customer Support: Before purchasing a product, you can contact Amazon Australia customer care team to help you guide to complete your order successfully.

Amazon Complaints: Since there are many issues every now and then due to large number of order processing such as product and services purchase,delivery issues or billing etc. For all these you can register complaint and describe your problem to customer support team.

Amazon Call-back: Amazon Australia gives a call back on the number provided in its contact us section.Just you need to request for a call back and quickly a customer service representative will contact you.

Amazon Prime contact: If you want quick delivery from Amazon then you can use the new Amazon service which can deliver your product in 48 hours.

Amazon Social Media Contacts: Amazon Australia also offers assistance to its  customers through social media. You can contact Amazon through the official Facebook account and get your queries resolved easily.

Amazon Helpline for Returns and Refunds

After receiving your order, always make sure that it is in good condition or else you can contact Amazon australia phone number and request for return or refund if the product received is not in accordance with the one you ordered.

Refunds are issued depending on the payment mode. If you pay through credit card the refund will be done in the same credit card Nevertheless, if you are not satified with refund, amazon australia helpline is the best way to communicate with support team and explain about your issues.

Amazon Australia Contact : 1800 064 122

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