All About WhatsApp Marketing & How You Can Use it?

By | May 9, 2018

In this digital era, Whatsapp is the most easy and convenient messaging application. The simplicity of this app is the vital factor for its success. Nearly One billion people are regular and active Whatsapp users. It has became the primary mode of communication among everyone.

The best part of marketing through whatsapp is that there is no need to buy ads or media to generate consumer engagement. Similar to email marketing it requires users consent but the additional step is that the user need to save the number also. Therefore, due its privacy and user friendly features WhatsApp has become one of the most popular app.

How can You Use WhatsApp For Business?

  1. For Internal Communication: Since everyone uses whatsapp nowadays, you can easily communicate your message through it. It is one of the fastest and easiest user friendly option to convey your message, share files, images etc.
  2. Customer Communication: Whatsapp call and message get better response than making direct call. There is good engagement of users and so new offers or messages can be directed to specific group of customers.
  3. Getting Customer Services: Customers always prefer to send whatsapp message instead calling helpdesk number. Thus, whatsapp serves as a great tool for customer support.
  4. Marketing & Promotion: With whatsapp, you can easily send images, files or video clips to users across the world. Through varied forms, you can transfer the message through this one-to-one platform.
  5. Creative Usage For Business: Whatsapp, an online messaging app have helped people to grow their business.You might wonder, but it is true people have earned money through Whatsapp. One of the such app through which you can earn money is is the only Whatsapp Marketing Platform in India. Register for advertiser account today and get 100 Credits Free to run your first Whatsapp Marketing Campaign. Get more sales and leads from Whatsapp or Get more app installs from Whatsapp for as low as @25 Paisa Per Click.


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